Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Halloween Costumes for Mini's!!

Today I get to share the new mini doll halloween costumes. Mama has been working on these cute little outfits to sell this year. We are excited to see her create new ideas, she has so many.
The first one that she worked on are pumpkins, cute little orange pumpkins with hat top, stem and leaf on top as cute decorations to share .. they are adorable outfits for your mini doll ..


Next we worked on witches, right now purple and black witch, fun for your little mini .. they can be made in any colors.

Then we have little kitties with their ears and tail. We are having fun trying different outfits .. we tried a ghost, but it just looked too bulky so we moved onto black cats.

What is Halloween without a few little devils running around to trick the neighbors .. lol We have these cute little outfits for the ornery ones ..

Grass Skirts and Lae's for a summer party or a Halloween costume .. a little fun for your mini .. lol
And what would Halloween be without princess's too?? A little ribbon and beads make the outfits too cute .. perfect little princess's.
Mermaids, you have to have some fun with the water people too. They are made out of a different kind of thread right now, so they look and feel different, more like a fishy mermaid. LOL!!

Hope you like these little outfits .. Helena

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