Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mini Sailor Explosion!!

Well Mama went insane with sailor outfits this week. I think they turned out cute, I would love to have one of them for myself or at least my mini, but mama says that I should learn to do it myself. LOL!! In other words, she is not making one for my girl.

She did a couple outfits in the traditional red, white, n blue .. a normal sailor outfit, they are so darn cute, I am in love with these outfits ..
Then she decided to go a little crazy and wild and use some of her mixed color thread. So she did a blue and green set with fun colors.
And last for the week she decided to work on some different color shorts outfits too. I think they turned out cute, she is going to make more in a couple weeks, she loves these little outfits too.
Well have a great week .. we sure are .. check out the ebay for The Crazy Doll Ladies ..

Mama has an interview with Karen from Mom of Three Blog .. check it out and see what she has to say .. we are also giving away a nightgown with this interview .. check it out ..

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