Friday, July 26, 2013

New Ebay Listings!!

Hello Friends how are you all doing?? Well we listed another bunch of stuff on ebay for great prices, so check it out and get some things put back for Christmas. You know you will need things for stockings and under the tree. Someone has to be getting a new doll for Christmas that needs some new accessories for lots of play time.
We have all kinds of fun things listed and ready for purchase. Visit us at mystonehaven on ebay and for mini items look for thecrazydollladies .. .. .. or last but not least Etsy ..

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mini Sailor Explosion!!

Well Mama went insane with sailor outfits this week. I think they turned out cute, I would love to have one of them for myself or at least my mini, but mama says that I should learn to do it myself. LOL!! In other words, she is not making one for my girl.

She did a couple outfits in the traditional red, white, n blue .. a normal sailor outfit, they are so darn cute, I am in love with these outfits ..
Then she decided to go a little crazy and wild and use some of her mixed color thread. So she did a blue and green set with fun colors.
And last for the week she decided to work on some different color shorts outfits too. I think they turned out cute, she is going to make more in a couple weeks, she loves these little outfits too.
Well have a great week .. we sure are .. check out the ebay for The Crazy Doll Ladies ..

Mama has an interview with Karen from Mom of Three Blog .. check it out and see what she has to say .. we are also giving away a nightgown with this interview .. check it out ..

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ebay Sale This Month!!

Hello Friends and more .. this is my first ever post .. so we will see how it goes and whether mama lets me near the computer again .. we are sharing a little fun ..
Right now on our ebay Mystonehaven is having a super sale this month, keep checking back .. we have awesome prices on shoes and clothing .. great deals to stock up on for Christmas, it is just around the corner.
Mama has the 18 inch doll size clothes on Mystonehaven, so if you are shopping for clothes for your American Girl or other 18 inch girl then check us out and see the fun. Stock up the shoes make a great stocking stuffer.
If you are shopping for Mini doll clothes then look for thecrazydolllady on ebay for great prices on mini doll clothes ..

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Listed on Ebay and Etsy!!

Good Morning .. how are you all doing?? We have been doing really good this summer, but we have also been out enjoying the time off from school so have not gotten as many mini outfits done as before.
Several of the outfits listed are relisted because we only got three outfits made this week and put one more on Etsy. We will work harder to have more made up by next weeks listing day, but no guarentee .. LOL!!
Mama is having fun helping us design some new things for our dolls. It is wonderful to make new things and have them fit and look cute on our mini's ..
We found this poor girl in a antique store and she had the plastic still covering her hair so we got her and made her a little old style dress for her to wear. She is not our type of girl to collect, but we thought someone might want to love her.
Well that is the new of the week, sorry there were not more things for putting in the store, we are working on more this week.