Friday, May 3, 2013

Mini Explosion!!

Hello Friends of mine .. we are having so much fun crocheting mini doll clothes .. they are so little and so darn cute .. the girls got me into helping now that we are getting special orders for them. We are hoping to sell a ton of them this summer.
Here we have the latest pairs of shorts .. we were busy doing several for a special order to choose from. The girls look all decked out for summer.
Next we did a red can can style looking dress that Aunt Mary decided she wanted, she wants mama to make a big girl size too, but Mama is not sure about that one. LOL!!
The middle dress is one mama is going to make Marsali a matching one if the thread color will match when it gets here. Otherwise they will sell it and make another different color. And the third is the fairy outfit, we are loving that handkercheif style hem. Aunt Mary wanted that too, but we do not have enough blue to make it so she is going to have to change colors.
These are made off a photo of a dress which is Edwardian style. We like the sleeves on the blues better and the length and boots of the turq color. We think they turned out cute with no pattern to start with .. lol
And last for now is a mixture of outfits that I had finished, The pants are just not exactly how we want them yet but we are going to work on them later in the summer because they are a little hot for summer clothes but will show up this fall in grand numbers .. LOL!!
That be every thing we want to share today .. keep watching our Etsy and our Ebay for more fun outfits to buy.

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