Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More Mini Outfits to Share!!

We are working on Mini doll outfits for awhile now .. we are doing a 30 days one outfit a day for the board so we are getting a lot of mini outfits made and ready to sell. It has been fun to make sure we have an outfit a day ready, but will be glad when it is over too.
Here is the last group of outfits we made and wrote patterns for so we could remake if someone wanted special orders for them .. some are on Etsy and some on Ebay ..
You should look for your favorite on ebay first because they are starting bid at 2.50 right now. I wonder if 5.50 seems like a lot to you with shipping being close to 2.00 for them?? That is what several people said I should ask for them. I am thinking 4.50 for the outfits and 3.50 for the simple dresses?? What do you honestly think for me too??
Well .. it is time to go make more clothes. Brya, Helena and Marsali are having fun making them ..

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