Saturday, April 20, 2013

More Mini Fun ..

Mara, Helena and Brya are getting carried away with making mini doll clothes to sell .. they are just having way to much fun. It has been raining around here so we have been inside after school and trying to be productive even after school work .. lol
Marsali found this really cute dress on Etsy that she wants mama to sew for her, it is a drop waist dress with ruffles on the bottom, so they made up one for the mini's to wear too .. then a long dress and another capri outfit ..
The other night they decided that they wanted to make some cute PJ's .. the blue one on the end is the end product, the blue mix and lavender are too long and the pink was a different stitch they did not like as well. We will make more like the last blue one for Pj's to sell.
Today it was raining and no one could go outdoors in the rain to do anything as it was cold so they did shorts outfits. Each one is designed with a different accent stitch but you cannot tell in the photo. And the two pink ones with the butterfly buttons have little tiny butterflys on the shoes too.
Those are the new things so far .. you can check out a bunch of stuff on our Etsy Shop then we have some cheap on Ebay Store so check out the fun and buy some mini outfits to spruce up your mini girls lives. LOL


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