Sunday, January 27, 2013

We Are Back from the Almost Dead!!

Hello friends and neighbors, the store is back online with a whole new format and layout, and mama is back to making new things. YEAH!!! We have really missed our friends and fun through the store, and are very happy to be back online and inventing new fun items ..
The new store is at our old link here:
or .. .. ..
the Etsy store has new items too here:


We are so excited about all of the new things mama is working on .. here are a couple of the sweater outfits that she has just finished working on. This first one is one of the winter sweater outfits, and is fuzzy and warm.
The next one is one of her spring/summer style sweater sets, made for warmer spring weather light weight and fun.
Then Mama started on some sweater jackets with flair on the bottom .. we love these and Mara has one herself now, I have not found the color I want but Mama said she would make me one too. I cannot wait because they are dressy and though I am not usually into dressy things, I love these.
This one mama decorated with spring flowers, I liked it, but I want a special color, just have not decided what one yet, but I love red so that might be a possibility if we can find thin red yarn. The nice thing is they are big enough to go over your clothing and not look tight and bunched up.
If some of you are not reading our main blog you did not know that our sister Brya who was visiting her papa in Brazil was kidnapped and we have no idea what is going on. Her papa who is a vampire is searching for her with no luck yet. We are praying she comes home to us soon.
Well enough chatter tonight .. keep watching for more things coming and we are going to have a give away of one of the new sweater/jackets soon, so keep an eye out.

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