Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Sweaters Spring/Summer!!

Hello, we are working on some new sweaters for the store, here we have some spring/summer style sweaters. We are going to give away a sweater outfit for this blog if we can get up to 50 followers. That is really only 11 more people so it would not be hard to do. 

We have some cute green sweater outfits, these are the two designs for the summer sweaters so far, we are working on more. I really like this green, and the white looking leggings have gold in them and look so sharp with the green. 

We are doing the pastel sweaters too, they are so beautiful colors melted together. The summer sweater outfits have the shorter slipper/boots, they are cute we think. This is one of my complete favorite sweater set styles, I want a green one.

The summer sweater sets do not have the extra collars that the winter ones do because they are made in a different style attached instead.  But I think they are good that way even if I would not wear the pastel. LOL!! 

The sets are going for 12.00, that will include all the fun accessories and leggings for the outfits that have them. We are going to have many  more colors and if there is a color style you want made special just ask, we will try to make them as ordered too. 


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Items in Store!!

Hello Everyone .. long time no post .. but Mama has been working on a new set of items for the store .. designing new items can be a trying process of crocheting and pulling it out and crocheting again, but Mama got a new item ready for the store 

.. Sweater Sets .. 

Here we have a few that she got ready and listed. Some of them are on our Etsy store and some in the online store. She will also make some to special order if you want to order a certain color. 

Mama got some kewl metallic leggings that goes with them, some in colors, some silver and we even have some black and denim ones to go with other sweaters as Mama crochets them. 

As you can see in this  photo the cowl collar is removable and not attached to the sweater so that you have the option of removing it for a unique look. 

These are a cute addition to any wardrobe and comfy to wear on cool days. Mama is still deciding on how the backs are made to close, some have buttons, some snaps, and she is still trying options to see what makes them the easiest to use. 

Hope you like them and check them out in our stores .. and more will be coming as Mama works at crocheting them .. remember if there is a color that you would want special ask, mama will do special orders if she has the ability to get the color yarn you want.