Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ballet/Tap N More!!

Mama and I have been hard at work today, she has been crocheting her fingers to the bone and I have been trying on outfits and getting my photo taken. It was a really hard thing today to find a good place with at least decent lighting for us to take photo's. Nothing was working for us they kept turning out to dark. 

This Christmas, Emi found a Christmas tap/ballet outfit she was wearing for her recital show, and Mama got things together to make it for her. It was the cutest snowman tap/ballet outfit. It looks cuter on Emi with her tap boots, but I was the one doing the photo's today, and we are not selling the boots with it. LOL!! The yarn is the bubbly kind with silver strands in it. 

Keeping with the Christmas spirit, Mama made a Christmas red outfit with white under skirts and trim. I think it turned out really cute and is my favorite so far. She is about to work on purple so it will probably be my favorite when she finishes it. 

Then we had a little blue N silver Christmas lovers for the Hanukkah colors .. so we made this one, it is another of my favorites. Since Christmas is getting over we are moving into the realm of the whole year long. LOL!!

And last for tonight is the dark burgundy one she did, which again I love. You cannot tell that I love ballet type outfits can you. I would have been very happy if they would not sell and us girls kept them, but Mama should make some for us too. LOL!!

What do you think about them?? Should she make more to sell?? Let us know what you like or do not like about them. 


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