Sunday, November 6, 2011

Christmas Season is Approaching!!

Hello Everyone .. just a quick note to let you know .. .. .. we did not close the store .. .. .. it can be found on .. .. .. no www in front of the address or it comes up with an error. Life can be so irritating. 

We have gotten to be a shoe store for the most part now, but still have several outfits for the store and more things coming soon. Life has been lazy around here while Mama has been so sick. We are hoping for more fun this coming year. 

Right now the fun of the season is the ice-skating outfits, we have little ice-skating outfits, that are just the outfits for those girls who already have skates to have fun on the ice.

Then we have ice-skate outfits with skates, so that your little star is set to shine on the ice .. these outfits have matching hair band to put your hair up together and adorable skates ..

And last of the ice-skate sets are the preformance outfits, you get the skate outfit, matching headband, matching skate bag, skates, a trophy and boquet of flowers to make her preformance the greatest day of her life .. lots of hours of fun play in theses sets.


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