Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Taryn Talks Again!!

Today I wanted to share a new outfit that Mama made for our cruise .. it is a very versatile outfit .. one of my favorite styles .. Mama is making me one that is out of zebra material that we picked out the other day because zebra's are my favorite animal ..

But it will be in the same style as this one .. and Mara's purple one .. first we have the dressy part of the outfit .. excuse the wrinkle that makes it look weird we did not notice until we had already packed it away for the cruise and mama was to lazy to get it out and on me again for another photo shoot .. LOL!!

And then after we have our day out at one of the stops for the afternoon back on the ship playing around we take off the dressy part and have a simple capri outfit .. this one is such a perfect cruise or beach outfit we have fallen in love with this material combination we put together ..

Hope you like it .. we will have more outfits to come but not for awhile as we are going to be traveling this weekend to Montana to meet up with some friends coming down from Canada ..

Do not forget to enter our contest .. if we have not heard from the last winner by the time we are back from Montana we will draw another winner out of the hat .. so get ahold of me .. .. ..

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  1. Hi Taryn! Are you going/went on a cruise?! That is so awesome! I've never been on a cruise, less on a boat *giggles* but I'd love to someday!

    I love yor outfit! I like the fabric your Mama used to make it, it's so cool! Starfishes and sea turtles are my favorite sea animals, they are so cute! Also the color suits you SO NICE!!

    Love it!

  2. Thanks Ava, just saw this post because we have been away from the computer and spending the weekend off.

    We have 8 days until we leave on the ship for my first cruise, I am so excited and love the outfits that mama has been making.

    That outfit is actually going to be for Sophie to wear this trip, mine is my zebra print that I totally love. Mama is doing some kind of alike outfits and matching outfits for Sopie, Marsali, and sometimes me too .. lol