Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Shoes N Boots!!

We are so excited .. we got some new things in the store to see if anyone likes them .. I have not gotten to do much so I am going to be posting on the store blog for awhile .. now for the important things .. new shoes .. everyone can alway use new shoes .. LOL!!

First .. we have some KEWL new High top sneaker boots .. right now we have just black with chains and silver with chains ..

These are totally kewl boots for your AG and her perfect outfit .. they will go with anything and are dressy looking too .. we love the new buckles on them and the chains .. just makes them really kewl we think ..

The black set are more our girls style .. Taryn kept a pair of them .. She has a skirt outfit that I think is going to look awesome with them .. she is just waiting for part of the outfit to get here and then we will share it as well .. 

We got some cute boots too .. Mama loves to order shoes because they are so darn adorable and so we are becoming a regular shoe store around here .. we have about everything we could have that is instock with our wholesalers and can get almost anything you want if you ask .. LOL!!

Here are the flower boots .. they are cute .. a darker maroon color on the main part of the boot .. with cute little colored flowers and hearts .. these are lace up boots ..

The next on our list I sure wish we could get in other colors than pink .. none of us girls wears pink .. well Mara does some times when she is wearing her flamingo stuff but she does not dress in anything these will go with ..

.. but we LOVE these as a style of boots .. pearls and chains .. the souls are really kewl cork board style with the scalops in the leather of the boots and they have buckles on them too .. so if you have a girl into pink these are the boots to have ..

These boots are perfect for anyone who loves to dress up and rock out .. lol .. very cute black dress up boots with zippers on the side for easy on .. they go with almost anything and are so much fun to wear ..

We have been having a lot of fun looking at the new things to keep in the store .. it has been so kewl helping mama pick out and purchase things for the store .. we love being involved in the ordering ..

We got some of the really kewl buckle boots .. these are always a great seller .. we cannot keep them in stock and our wholesaler cannot either .. lol .. we do have some in the store now and ready for purchase ..

Last for the day we got in some simple little hiking boots .. they are really cute and perfect for a jaunt up the mountain or working out in the yard ..

That is the new boots that are in stock .. we have more boots in stock that are not new to this order and more shoes coming too .. please check out the store for more options ..

*Also note that if the shipping comes up really high .. I refund the extra .. this program is not set for flat fee shipping ..

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