Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Sandals for the Store!!

Hello again .. had to share the awesome sandals that came for the store .. we just got these in .. and then I will share some of the ones that we have had for awhile and got more of .. everyone is loving the new other world sandals .. LOL!!

First is our new Egyption Sandals .. they are metalic pink with the cutest little fringe .. we need a new photo for these because the real ones look much more metalic than these do here ..


Then we have the totally kewl .. our favorite all time Greek Sandals .. they slip on and hold tight to the foot and are so darn cute with almost any outfit .. they are funky kewl .. we love them ..

Our next favorite sandals are the Gladiator Sandals .. they have these little studs all over and are so cute and original we just think every closet should have a pair .. they again go with about any outfit that you want to pair them up with ..


Our next set are Roman sandles .. they are like flip flops done historically roman .. they are really cute and kind of a metalic copper color .. they are great for shorts outfits and just running around town in ..

My sisters and I love the flip flops for about anything .. they work great for anything you are wearing from swimsuits to cute summer dresses .. we wear ours a lot in the summer months .. they are such a great set of little shoes and have lasted really good for us ..

We have more flip flops as well .. they are plain white with color sequins on them .. they have the little clear elastic on the back so that they stay on your feet when you are out doing fun things .. we have these colors and then silver and gold are coming too in the new order on its way ..

Then the last sandals for the day are our jellie sandals ..

We have these in many colors so please feel free to come check out the store and see what all we have as we are filling up with shoes for the holiday shoppers ..

Have a great week and please share our store blog with your friends ..

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