Monday, July 25, 2011

Contest for the Crazy Doll Ladies Blog!!

First Contest!!

It is me Kelsyee back to share a great opportunity for a fun contest and great give aways ..

First off we will go over the thoughts of the contest .. We have 27 followers right now and we are wanting to see if we can reach 50 followers on the store blog by September 1st ..

What we are going to do is give away some prizes out of the store when we reach some different goals ..

Soooooooo .. .. .. we are going to have a give away when we reach 30 followers ..  and for each 10 followers we get .. it will be all the followers we have .. so even those of you that are  already followers .. will have an opportunity to win too ..

Now you say how do we help get more followers on your blog?? .. you can write a little blurb about our blog on your blog and put our blog button on your blog .. then comment here and we will enter you into the drawing we will have for those of you helping get the word out ..

You can also put our blog button on your website if you have one and leave a comment with the link to your website and we will add your name again to the drawing .. 
I really want to make it to 50 followers by the first of September when we start into the Christmas selling season .. and I need help from all of you ..

Thanks Everyone!!


  1. My name is Mac (I'm a cousin of Emily's). I've added your blog button to my blog and mentioned you blog in my new post. I hope this helps your store! I love all your shoes.


  2. Kewl thanks for caring and helping out ..