Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Semi Creative Shorts Outfits!!

Why semi creative shorts you may ask .. it is because we have done some before and are starting some again .. these are easy little outfits to use up the last of some yarns and make adorable sets for your american girls .. and any 18 inch dolls ..

The tops can be worn with the buttons in the back or front either one for a versitile wear .. some have really cute buttons when the colors match and they are the best for wearing the buttons in the front .. the ones with plain buttons would be best in back .. it just depends on the yarn colors which is best ..

Most of the shorts with the tops are just elastic waist shorts some have cuffs on the bottom and some do not .. the really kewl thing about the homemade shorts is that these outfits will start at .99 on ebay ..

The shorts with waistbands and heavier denim will be in the store with the fancy tops for 5.00 for the outfit .. I am trying to make a lot of summer fun to share with you without breaking your savings .. lol

These are just a start to what is coming soon .. I have a bunch of yarn that is scraps from other projects and rather than tossing it out or something I decided to make some fun tops for summer .. so some will be shorts tops and some full size .. lots to choose from ..

Hope you like them as much as we do .. some of these us girls are begging to keep to wear .. we usually only get them when there is a flaw in them .. LOL!!

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