Monday, March 28, 2011

Girls Rock T-Shirts!!

Hello all my fun friends .. today I wanted to share a really kewl new t-shirt we are getting in the store .. Mama even let me have one of my own .. Woo Hooo!!

We are so excited about some new things coming in the store .. it is always fun to have new items .. The girls rock t-shirt has purple and red as the colors and so Loryn and I have been arguing over which of us gets to wear the shirt first .. I got to model for the photo's so technically I wore it first .. LOL!!

Here I am modeling it with a set of white shorts .. they look really cute together too .. they look like a dressy summer set to wear while I am out with cousins or friends .. I am so in love with this top ..

Thanks for sharing in my excitement .. if you get to order this and we are out because they are selling .. just let mama know and she should be able to get more in ..

Do not forget to stop by and see our new sandals in the post before this one .. Mama finally got some photo's to work on it .. we will see if this one is better .. LOL!!


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