Sunday, March 27, 2011

Awesome New Sandals!!

Hello everyone .. just a quick post to share some funky kewl new sandals ..

We have tried now three times to post this post and the photo's keep not showing up .. sooooo .. I will put the link to the pages in my store for you to look at them .. I have no idea what is going on with blogspot right now .. Grrrrr .. .. ..

First we have our Greek Sandals .. they are so funky and kewl .. they are lace up front sandals but slip on for easy dressing .. the leatherish material makes them a really fun sandal to wear .. the little studs are a perfect accent to make these special new sandals ..

Next we have our all time favorite the Gladiator Sandals .. they are kewl and perfect for summer fun .. they have a brown leather like material and have tons of the little studs to make them look really funky and fun .. and a zip up back for easy dressing ..

And last are the Roman Sandals .. they are a flip flop style sandal with velcro closing in the back with buckle accents ..

Thanks for looking hope the photo's show up this time and the links work .. we are tired of playing blogspot games just to get things working .. LOL!!


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