Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shorts for the Hawaiian Girls!!

Hello it is Marsali here with our first fun fashion update .. First off today we have some cute new shorts with Hawaiian accents just in for our Kanani fun times .. just a few things perfect for the warm beaches of Hawaii.

First off we have a cute pair of denim cut off shorts .. they have ragged bottoms like a pair of cut off's little pocket stiching and a snap on the waist ..

These are so cute with the accent of a Hawaii flower embroideried on the legs .. they are adorable little shorts ..

now if you are into more of a dressy look .. .. .. we have a pair of soft cotton shorts with a cute little bow on top .. and then on the legs ..

cute Hawaiian flowers embroideried on the legs .. the detail of the embroidery is really good and these would look so adorable with a pink or aqua tank top .. 

Just a couple more cute things for the summer fun and cruises or trips to places warm .. adorable for your AG or 18 inch doll .. 


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