Sunday, January 23, 2011

Special Outfit for Kanani!!

Hello it is Vienna and I am sharing a new outfit specially for Kanani this year .. Here I am modeling it for the store .. It is of course Pink .. why are all the kewl outfits pink .. I would like blue .. LOL!!

This outfit has the cutest top with it .. the little Hibiscus flowers embroideried on the front of it .. make for a cute accent .. ..

Then the sleeves are soooooooo cute with their little ruffles sewn on .. they make the top the best .. or so I think ..

The pants are the greatest part of the outfit though .. they are made a good denim pant material and have a zipper and snap up front no velcro on the pants ..

The bottom of the pants are adorable with the little ruffles .. they tie the pants in with the top and make for the cutest outfit for Kanani and her friends to celebrate the Hawaiian fun ..

These will be in the store tonight and we will try to get some more but I am not sure how long they will last .. the outfit is soooo adorable ..


Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year of Changes!!

Hello Everyone following the store blog .. things are changing this year in our store .. it is Marsali and I am here to share those changes with you .. so this will be a talking post for the new year .. but we have some new things coming out in a couple months ..

First off .. because of the costs going up with ebay it is too expensive to have the store now .. so we are closing the ebay store .. we will still have some things on ebay just under the user name 'thecrazydollladies' .. Here is the link to our new ebay ..

The old ebay store will be up for another 18 days I think and then all of the stuff in it will have fallen off and we will close the store for good .. so sad.


The online store will be up and running and I have lower prices on the store since it does not cost as much to keep up with it .. and will be lowering some too .. we are trying to stay afloat through the slow time of year .. here is the link to the online store ..

Now with all of that going on .. for our blogging followers we will still be out there and still be making things for you to love ..

What would you like to see in the store .. what kind of things would you like me to make or find for your dolls?? Give me some good ideas of what you would like and want ..

Watch the "Bolton Girls Travel Journal Blog" we have another give away coming soon .. and some other surprises ..

~ Marsali ~