Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ballet/Tap N More!!

Mama and I have been hard at work today, she has been crocheting her fingers to the bone and I have been trying on outfits and getting my photo taken. It was a really hard thing today to find a good place with at least decent lighting for us to take photo's. Nothing was working for us they kept turning out to dark. 

This Christmas, Emi found a Christmas tap/ballet outfit she was wearing for her recital show, and Mama got things together to make it for her. It was the cutest snowman tap/ballet outfit. It looks cuter on Emi with her tap boots, but I was the one doing the photo's today, and we are not selling the boots with it. LOL!! The yarn is the bubbly kind with silver strands in it. 

Keeping with the Christmas spirit, Mama made a Christmas red outfit with white under skirts and trim. I think it turned out really cute and is my favorite so far. She is about to work on purple so it will probably be my favorite when she finishes it. 

Then we had a little blue N silver Christmas lovers for the Hanukkah colors .. so we made this one, it is another of my favorites. Since Christmas is getting over we are moving into the realm of the whole year long. LOL!!

And last for tonight is the dark burgundy one she did, which again I love. You cannot tell that I love ballet type outfits can you. I would have been very happy if they would not sell and us girls kept them, but Mama should make some for us too. LOL!!

What do you think about them?? Should she make more to sell?? Let us know what you like or do not like about them. 


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Christmas Season is Approaching!!

Hello Everyone .. just a quick note to let you know .. .. .. we did not close the store .. .. .. it can be found on .. .. .. no www in front of the address or it comes up with an error. Life can be so irritating. 

We have gotten to be a shoe store for the most part now, but still have several outfits for the store and more things coming soon. Life has been lazy around here while Mama has been so sick. We are hoping for more fun this coming year. 

Right now the fun of the season is the ice-skating outfits, we have little ice-skating outfits, that are just the outfits for those girls who already have skates to have fun on the ice.

Then we have ice-skate outfits with skates, so that your little star is set to shine on the ice .. these outfits have matching hair band to put your hair up together and adorable skates ..

And last of the ice-skate sets are the preformance outfits, you get the skate outfit, matching headband, matching skate bag, skates, a trophy and boquet of flowers to make her preformance the greatest day of her life .. lots of hours of fun play in theses sets.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Contest Winner and More

Hello fine friends, long time no post. It is harder to have time to post when you are attending a school and working on homework. Homeschooling was easier most of the time but I love going to a Christian school of drama and arts. Both have their good and their bad.

We are just doing a quick posting because our winner never got back to us for the drawing for 30 people on the blog .. soooooo we drew again and  the winner is  .. .. ..

Ava Lucia

So we need you to contact us at to see about getting your free pair of shoes from the store .. and we are half way to another drawing for shoes.

We are going to do the drawing for an outfit from the store hopefully tomorrow .. have to get everyone that posted before Sept. 1st typed out to draw from and we will try to get that done tomorrow ..

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Taryn Talks Again!!

Today I wanted to share a new outfit that Mama made for our cruise .. it is a very versatile outfit .. one of my favorite styles .. Mama is making me one that is out of zebra material that we picked out the other day because zebra's are my favorite animal ..

But it will be in the same style as this one .. and Mara's purple one .. first we have the dressy part of the outfit .. excuse the wrinkle that makes it look weird we did not notice until we had already packed it away for the cruise and mama was to lazy to get it out and on me again for another photo shoot .. LOL!!

And then after we have our day out at one of the stops for the afternoon back on the ship playing around we take off the dressy part and have a simple capri outfit .. this one is such a perfect cruise or beach outfit we have fallen in love with this material combination we put together ..

Hope you like it .. we will have more outfits to come but not for awhile as we are going to be traveling this weekend to Montana to meet up with some friends coming down from Canada ..

Do not forget to enter our contest .. if we have not heard from the last winner by the time we are back from Montana we will draw another winner out of the hat .. so get ahold of me .. .. ..

Elizabeth from .. .. ..
Elizabeth's American Girl Doll Blog!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Contest N Sewing!!

Hello to all you .. Kelsyee here again .. another contest reminder .. if you are not following us officially then please follow .. every follower gets a chance to win a pair of shoes from the store .. at every 10 followers we will do a drawing .. and we are trying to reach a total of 50 followers by Sept. 1, 11 .. YEAH!! We can do it with your help . .

Then if you want a chance at the outfit we will be giving away in Sept .. you can mention our blog here .. on your blog .. and another chance take our blog button for your website or blog .. let us know about these and we will add your name in again ..

so you will have lots of chances to enter .. and for the outfit you will get to choose your outfit from either three or four choices depending on what we have done at the time ..

Mama is doing a good job at keeping up on outfits now that she is not sick anymore .. it is nice to have her back in the land of the living .. lol ..

Anyway .. please get people going to our blog and store and we will keep having kewl contests and giveaway's and have fun on the blog .. thanks again for checking us out and following us it means TONS!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Starting to Sew Again!!

Hello Everyone it is Taryn here today .. Mama and I started getting some sewing done today .. we are working on mostly stuff for my sister and I and traveling Sophie to wear on the cruise .. Mama wants almost all handmade outfits for it .. we have a lot already .. it is going to be so fun to get to wear new items on the cruise ..

Here I have picked out my favorite of all the fabric that Mama bought for us to sew with .. it is my favorite color of aqua blue and has really pretty little light butterfly's all over it .. I have two different patterns of butterfly material in my favorite color .. but this one is my favorite ..

We have tons of fabric to choose from for sewing both for us kids and the store .. and we are hoping to have a lot of stuff ready for the Christmas season .. the first set of things we were sewing was sold really fast .. we could not keep it in the store .. then mama got sick and was not sewing for awhile and now she is back ..

I have not decided which pattern to use .. so it will not be the first things cut out .. I have to go through all these patterns Nana and Mama have and decide what would look the best out of my material .. YEAH!!

Remember our contest .. please follow us and talk about us on your blog or website and then come let us know and you will be entered for the shoe give away and the new outfit just before school .. but we have to know when you talk about us or put a blog button on your website ..

Speaking of which .. we have a shoe drawing to do .. we will go online and put in all the names of the followers and one will come out of the generator and will win .. .. ..
 and the winner is .. .. ..
Elizabeth from .. .. ..

Contact me and get instructions on how to get your pair of shoes ..

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Contest and Bags!!

Hello Everyone .. back again to share the contest with you before I start sharing the fun bags we have in the store ..

First remember to take our blog button on the right side and put it on your blog or website if you would .. it gets the word out about this blog and if you let us know you placed it on your site we will enter you into the next drawing ..

And follow us because every 10 people we get following we will have a blog drawing for all followers for a pair of shoes your choice from the store .. and we hit 30 followers yesterday so we will draw a name from the hat today and let you know who won .. YEAH!!

We have some different bags that are in the store now .. there are several different options to choose from and the most fun is the fact that you can choose your own color and we will make it for you ..

First are Mama's backpacks .. we sell a lot of them in the store .. everyone loves them when they see them .. some of them come with school supplies in them .. but you can order just the backpack to use for hiking and things .. they are very versatile ..

We have almost any colors you could want because they can be made out of regular yarn so the possibilities are endless ..

The girls have them for school and travel and then for hiking .. they are a wonderful addition to your doll accessories ..

We have a really cute bag made by Auntie G .. she is making backpacks that are a simple design for those day when you need a quick bag for a day trip or to go out shopping with friends ..

Next we will share a smaller way to have a shoulder bag .. two different sizes that also can be made into many different colors that you want .. this one is the green smaller shoulder bag.

Just for Kanani and any one else who loves those summer flower patterns .. we have these cute little beach bags .. they have a draw string that pulls up the top so that nothing falls out when you are headed to the beach or pool ..

These also come in Pink, Red, then the Blue, and Purple .. so you have four choices of colors .. they are just the perfect size for her fun accessories ..

The last little bag/purse we have instock right now is a little denim purse .. It is the perfect size for your american girl and will keep her treasures safe while she is shopping with friends ..

Check all this out at:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Sandals for the Store!!

Hello again .. had to share the awesome sandals that came for the store .. we just got these in .. and then I will share some of the ones that we have had for awhile and got more of .. everyone is loving the new other world sandals .. LOL!!

First is our new Egyption Sandals .. they are metalic pink with the cutest little fringe .. we need a new photo for these because the real ones look much more metalic than these do here ..


Then we have the totally kewl .. our favorite all time Greek Sandals .. they slip on and hold tight to the foot and are so darn cute with almost any outfit .. they are funky kewl .. we love them ..

Our next favorite sandals are the Gladiator Sandals .. they have these little studs all over and are so cute and original we just think every closet should have a pair .. they again go with about any outfit that you want to pair them up with ..


Our next set are Roman sandles .. they are like flip flops done historically roman .. they are really cute and kind of a metalic copper color .. they are great for shorts outfits and just running around town in ..

My sisters and I love the flip flops for about anything .. they work great for anything you are wearing from swimsuits to cute summer dresses .. we wear ours a lot in the summer months .. they are such a great set of little shoes and have lasted really good for us ..

We have more flip flops as well .. they are plain white with color sequins on them .. they have the little clear elastic on the back so that they stay on your feet when you are out doing fun things .. we have these colors and then silver and gold are coming too in the new order on its way ..

Then the last sandals for the day are our jellie sandals ..

We have these in many colors so please feel free to come check out the store and see what all we have as we are filling up with shoes for the holiday shoppers ..

Have a great week and please share our store blog with your friends ..

Monday, July 25, 2011

Contest for the Crazy Doll Ladies Blog!!

First Contest!!

It is me Kelsyee back to share a great opportunity for a fun contest and great give aways ..

First off we will go over the thoughts of the contest .. We have 27 followers right now and we are wanting to see if we can reach 50 followers on the store blog by September 1st ..

What we are going to do is give away some prizes out of the store when we reach some different goals ..

Soooooooo .. .. .. we are going to have a give away when we reach 30 followers ..  and for each 10 followers we get .. it will be all the followers we have .. so even those of you that are  already followers .. will have an opportunity to win too ..

Now you say how do we help get more followers on your blog?? .. you can write a little blurb about our blog on your blog and put our blog button on your blog .. then comment here and we will enter you into the drawing we will have for those of you helping get the word out ..

You can also put our blog button on your website if you have one and leave a comment with the link to your website and we will add your name again to the drawing .. 
I really want to make it to 50 followers by the first of September when we start into the Christmas selling season .. and I need help from all of you ..

Thanks Everyone!!