Saturday, October 23, 2010

Spy Kit!!

Mama found and made a great spy kit .. anyone who is an aspiring spy .. ghost hunter .. or any other undercover style work needs a spy kit ..

First you have a notebook and pencil for writing down all those details that you do not want to forget.

Then if you find something out that you do not want just anyone to know .. you can write with the secret decoder. It lets you write a note on the paper and it cannot be read unless you shine the light on it ..

When you are in a rough spot that you are having to watch and see where to go next the binoculars are a great tool to have to sneak up. They are the green ones spread out .. the silver ones bent closed .. and they are the same size as the ones from Lanie's set .. they come in green or silver.

You can see what to expect before you get there. And a compass to keep you going in the correct direction ..

Hope you can have fun with the spy kits .. we had fun creating them.

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