Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Auntie G .. Granny Squares!!

Auntie G .. is into granny squares right now .. she is doing some cute items with these crochet squares ..

First off we have cute hats .. now the best part of these hats is you can order them in any color you wish .. $2.00 Hats!!

Just let us know what colors you would like them in and they will be ready quite fast to be sent out to you ..

Now if you want more than just a hat she is also making these cute poncho's to match the hats as well .. $10.00 Hat Poncho!!

The neck has a draw string tightening with ruffle neck line .. very cute and perfect for a dressy way to keep your girls warm ..

And for another addition we have a cute little bag created out of the squares as well .. $1.50 Bag!!

All of these are by Auynti G and she will make to order colors you desire .. just let us know what you would like ..

The Crazy Doll Ladies!!

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