Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Snow Suit for those Who Love Pink!!

I found the cutest snow suit for the dolls .. looks a lot like the one for Chrissa last year only it comes in pink with white sweater accented with pink snowflakes ..

The sweater fits so good and is not short on their arms like so many of the clothing for the 18 inch girls .. 

The sweater has the plastic snaps in the back for easy on and no velcro to snag .. and the snowsuit has a zipper front and elastic straps .. it is sooooo cute and fits so good ..

We have the cutest new boots in two different styles that match this outfit selling in our store too .. it is all soooo cute .. if you like pink ..

I have found many suits over the years from the wholesale companies but this one is the best thing I have seen .. the only thing to make it even more impressive if it came in other colors .. LOL!!

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