Thursday, August 26, 2010

Boots Everywhere .. More and More Boots!!

Today we are going to talk about our boots .. they are the same brand .. most likely from the same wholesale place as I have not seen them anywhere else .. but Liberty Jane charges much more for the boots .. do not get me wrong .. I love the Liberty Jane stuff .. I just hate to see everyone paying that much for doll shoes .. so we have some of these boots for sale in our store .. and can order more in if someone needs them ..

First the beautiful new velvety snow boots that Silverton has new this season .. three different types of pink snow boots ..

Then a neat green and a cool purple set off the new line of boots ..

Next we have some 'KEWL' fun boots .. These first two pair I call the FBI boots .. because they look like a lot of the boots they wear in movies .. they come in brown and black .. LOL!!

I think I have covered the next set of boots before .. but they are one of my all time favorite boots and are great for outings looking kewl or for hunting and fishing or hiking .. green camo boots ..

Next any pirate or biker needs a pair of buckle boots .. they are the black leather like boots with buckles making them an all around fun pair of boots ..

We have a mix of boots from the silverton site that you can ask about or look in the store .. we have a few in stock and can order for a smaller price if you have anything you would want ..

White or Black Chains and Stars!!

Denim Cut Off Frayed Edge!!

Black and Red High Boots!!

Cowgirl Boots Galore!!

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