Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Camera's & Summer Fun!!

We found some AWESOME fun camera sets for the summer activities .. now listed in store $6.50 .. is this Camera Set!!

First off is a very cute real looking camera .. plastic .. no working parts .. this is just a simple but realistic camera that fits in our hands and makes for a great item for your photographer.

The sissors are real working and the scrapbook has pages that you can decorate with the 'snaps' you have taken. These are the cutest I have seen in a long time.

They fit the dolls great and make a wonderful accessory for a trip or outing ..

I also have another camera coming which will be $6.00. It looks realistic, and when you press the button down the camera makes a noise and flashes.

These are both perfect for your American Girl or other 18 inch dolls. Such a cute addition to your accessory collection for your dolls.

The Crazy Doll Lady!!

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