Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pies .. Apple & Pumpkin!!

On our trip we found Pie Candles ..
they are the perfect size for AG and 18 inch dolls ..

Vanilla Cream!!



These are the cutest items and I will try to get more in for the store. They are $4.00 each and I have just a few of them right now. I could not believe the perfect size ..   

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shopping Cart!!

While on our vacation .. we found some really neat items for the store .. I will try to get them listed soon .. after I find our how much they will be to ship .. they do not weigh much so they should be a decent price.

Shopping Carts!!
Here is Auynt Vyky shopping through the store .. buying some pirates and an excavation kit. Shopping Cart comes empty, but ready for fun.
We were able to get five of these to sell in the store .. they are so cute and just the right size. They are real working carts and just adorable with the 18 inch dolls.
They are going to be $20.00  .. and the shipping I have to take them up on Tuesday and see what it will cost to mail them out and then I will list them on the store. They should be under $15.00 to ship easy because they do not weigh very much but should have great play value .. I just fell in love with them.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Socks .. .. .. Socks .. .. .. and More .. .. .. Socks!!

Socks .. Socks .. and More Socks!!

Ok, we have gotten some great fitted socks for the AG girls for the store .. YEAH .. we love socks .. Here are some of the socks that are in the store 'right' now .. .. ..

Plain Anklet Ruffle Socks!!
Black N Blue!!

Purple N Lavender!!

Dk Pink N Lt Pink!!

Cute Stripe Socks!!
Simple Stripes Blue N Pink!!

Purple N Purple Mixed!!

Adorable Designed Socks!!

And Coming Soon!!

We went sock happy!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Denim Dusters & Dresses!!

Today we have some cute .. Denim dresses 'or' western duster sets. These are so cute because they can be denim dresses to wear out to a party or if you like to dress up for rodeo's. They make really cute denim dresses.

It can also be worn as a denim duster .. wear over clothing and keep them cleaner in the dust around a rodeo or day out on your horse.

These are great quality and wonderful extras for your girls.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sequin Top and Skirt!!

Ok, today I got to model some things for the store, we got some fun new outfits to wear. I will share my all time favorite one that I told Mama I really need this outfit, with different hair accessories though. LOL!! 
It is the perfect outfit for a beautiful day out with friends, a dance, or party. It has a soft flowing silver tank top with sequins all over it that sparkle when you dance around. It snaps in the back so that you do not have to worry about velcro snagging.
Then the black skirt has two layers with sequins around the bottom layer. It flows and is such a fun party skirt.
The silver shoes go with the set in the store, but you can change to the black because I think that they look just as good as the silver.

I liked the purple set too .. but just not as much as that silver sparkle. Here is the same style top just in purple and the skirt a two layered black with sequins, and the black flats are just right.
If you are interested in these outfits they will be $15.00 and can be ordered in different colors with up to a two week wait. Comment and ask for color availability. Gold, Red, Black, Rasberry, Silver, Black/Rasberry, Purple, Black/Silver.

That is the outfit of the day ..

Ta Ta,