Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Trouble in Paradise!!

Well, e-bay has really done it this time .. they are now killing off the little stores as well .. I used to list 150 items in my store for $4.50 a month .. with their new fee structure to list 150 items it is $30.00 .. that is a HUGE problem for someone like me who is just a small store. We do not make enough for that.

I am really sad because I made it to bronze powerseller and top rated seller and have to give up all of the perks with those if I have to give up my store. Sad!! I just got my certificates too. Drat!!

Since it is doing good right now, not great, but good I am going to hang on for another month or so as long as the sales cover the fees, see if I can last through the slow time.

I will still have my off ebay store at .. http://www.thecrazydollladies.com/  which has a lot of cheaper prices because I do not have to pay all the fees as much on it. LOL!!

We are going to be doing another contest over here very shortly .. it will be a photo contest and have a great prize .. or at least I think so .. LOL!!



  1. Hi! I wanted to buy some hightops from your store but shipping was just way too much for me! If I'm just buying the hightops, do you think you might could lower it?


  2. Yes, when you place the order just let me know you want them mailed first class and I will credit you back the shipping .. that is the one thing I hate about that program that I am doing the store on it does not allow me to put in just a flat shipping fee .. so it always comes up so darn expensive .. several of us have asked them to change that .. Thanks for asking, TracAn

  3. Ok thank you SO much! Do you know how much shipping would be then? :)


  4. For one or two pair it is like $2.50 .. from five to ten pair they fit in a $4.85 priority envelope. Just let me know ..