Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pilgram Outfits!!

Step back a few years into the past, either for dressing up around the holiday seasons, time traveling back into the past, or for a play or party. Black Pilgram Outfit and Brown Pilgram Outfit.
Comes with some very cute and special accessories, first a cute cap style hat that they wore back in those times, for the black dress outfit it has a grey/purple plaid shall, or a brown mixed plaid shall with the brown outfit.
Then both have a cute pair of pilgram shoes to match and set off the outfit.
Both dress outfits have the two main collars to wear and apron as goes with the outfits.
These are the cutest outfits for the girls. I really love the quality and details to this outfit. You will love this outfit and the attention to detail and design, and the fun of dressing up pilgram style.

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