Thursday, April 22, 2010

Colonial Dresses!!

Beautiful Colonial Dresses!!

Beautiful colonial dresses, choose from pink or purple stripes with ribbon and lace accents. A tie on scarf, apron, mop cap and undies.
This outfit is perfect for a colonial era girl .. Felicty or Elizabeth .. or one of your JLY that wants to be in the past.

These are one of my favorite dress sets, they are so beautiful. Hope that you will enjoy them too.

Check out the store ..

Pilgram Outfits!!

Step back a few years into the past, either for dressing up around the holiday seasons, time traveling back into the past, or for a play or party. Black Pilgram Outfit and Brown Pilgram Outfit.
Comes with some very cute and special accessories, first a cute cap style hat that they wore back in those times, for the black dress outfit it has a grey/purple plaid shall, or a brown mixed plaid shall with the brown outfit.
Then both have a cute pair of pilgram shoes to match and set off the outfit.
Both dress outfits have the two main collars to wear and apron as goes with the outfits.
These are the cutest outfits for the girls. I really love the quality and details to this outfit. You will love this outfit and the attention to detail and design, and the fun of dressing up pilgram style.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blue Ball Gown!!

Blue Ball Gown!!

Beautiful blue satin ball gown with long flowing train .. dress has sequin accents on the skirt. Wonderful fun outfit for a dress up ball or on stage to sing your heart out.

Lacey slip keeps the skirt out soft and flowing .. white bow on front and the sequins on the skirt and lace around the hem of the gown. Delicate and beautiful dress.
This is one of the most amazing soft gowns, and has the accents of a pearl necklace and bracelet to set the outfit together.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Wholesale Dresses!!

We got some new dresses in from our wholesale company .. they are very great quality dresses and designs .. and great dressy fun while we are getting some homemade things finished.

Special Occassion Dress!!
A beautiful long white dress, satin style material with beautiful floral design accents. 
The top is beautifully crafted, with ribbons, lace, and ruffles. Short sleeves with a soft ruffle as the cuffs, criss cross ribbon design down the front of the dress, creates a very sweet look.

With the dress come some very nice accents accessories, first a beautiful jeweled crown with hair comb to keep her hair looking amazing, also a strand of pearls necklace and braclet. A beautiful slip is included to keep your dress fluffly and smooth.

Beautiful Special Occassion Dress for Your Girl!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Trouble in Paradise!!

Well, e-bay has really done it this time .. they are now killing off the little stores as well .. I used to list 150 items in my store for $4.50 a month .. with their new fee structure to list 150 items it is $30.00 .. that is a HUGE problem for someone like me who is just a small store. We do not make enough for that.

I am really sad because I made it to bronze powerseller and top rated seller and have to give up all of the perks with those if I have to give up my store. Sad!! I just got my certificates too. Drat!!

Since it is doing good right now, not great, but good I am going to hang on for another month or so as long as the sales cover the fees, see if I can last through the slow time.

I will still have my off ebay store at ..  which has a lot of cheaper prices because I do not have to pay all the fees as much on it. LOL!!

We are going to be doing another contest over here very shortly .. it will be a photo contest and have a great prize .. or at least I think so .. LOL!!