Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Some Fun Nightwear!!

It is Kelsyee again, I wanted to share some of the PJ's that Traveling Dawn and Angel were modeling before Traveling Dawn left.

First a cute pair of camo frogs, with a neat ruffled top. They are soft flannel pants with cute little frogs all around a camo backdrop. Then the shirt is a ruffled tank top with eyelet decorations.

Dawn was modeling the nightwear sets this time. First photo is of the purple set of heart flannel pj's with robe. They are soft flannel pj bottoms, with a white tank top, and a soft minky robe. It feels like you are wrapped in a cloud.

Then the pink set of pj's and robe, are the same other than color with the purple outfit.

These are on ebay the first month then we will put them on the online store too. We love our PJ's and robes for the few of us that get our own. LOL!! There are many other styles to choose from, ask if you want an afgan crochet to go with any of the PJ's, Mama sells them for $10.00 homemade.

Ta Ta,

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