Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pirate Outfits!!

I have found another new love for costumes when I was trying some stuff on for the store .. Pirate Outfits!! All of my sisters and cousins who want to be pirates when we go to the beach have pirate outfits in their special color.

Mama can make them in about any color you could imagine. The hat, and patch is crochet, then trimmed with the color of choice. Then she attaches a button to make it look old fashion.
Next Nana embroideries on the words "Bad to the Bone" on the shirt and Mama iron on's the skull and cross bones. Mama also crochets a sash that can be worn in many different ways.
Nana sews black denim jeans with scruffy looking pant legs. They really turn out to be quite cute all put together. Us girls have a lot of fun when we go on our summer coast trip because we dress up as pirates when we go to the pirate store. 

Anyway, they come in about any color and can be used as a costume for Halloween or just when you want to be a pirate. 


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