Thursday, March 11, 2010

Leather Like Jackets!!

Hello, my name is Angel and I wanted to do the review on the new Jackets we are going to be carrying. First Kelsyee is sharing a kewl black, more vinyl so it is light weight for us girls, but they are good quality from Jiminees wholesale.

Then she shared the one that says orchid, but it sure looks pink to me. The orchid one has a distressed leather look to it. It is really kewl.

The other colors that we do not have in stock yet, but are going to try to get soon, white, burgandy, red, and purple, they are out of several colors now so 'if' they get more in, we will have even more in store. They are really selling fast.

Hope that you are enjoying the reviews of the new stuff that we are trying to get listed and ready to sell.


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