Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tall Color Buckle Boots!!

Once again we found some cute boots for this holiday season .. these are fun tall buckle boots in some really kewl colors for you .. so far we have been selling them really good ..

We are already having to order more so if the color you want is not in the store we should be getting more in soon ..

Check out the fun .. colors .. since they did not have purple my favorites are black and brown .. these colors are amazing ..


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Spy Kit!!

Mama found and made a great spy kit .. anyone who is an aspiring spy .. ghost hunter .. or any other undercover style work needs a spy kit ..

First you have a notebook and pencil for writing down all those details that you do not want to forget.

Then if you find something out that you do not want just anyone to know .. you can write with the secret decoder. It lets you write a note on the paper and it cannot be read unless you shine the light on it ..

When you are in a rough spot that you are having to watch and see where to go next the binoculars are a great tool to have to sneak up. They are the green ones spread out .. the silver ones bent closed .. and they are the same size as the ones from Lanie's set .. they come in green or silver.

You can see what to expect before you get there. And a compass to keep you going in the correct direction ..

Hope you can have fun with the spy kits .. we had fun creating them.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Auntie G .. Bags & Blankets!!

Auntie G is making Pillow/Blanket sets for your dolls .. These also can be ordered in which ever colors you want these fun little accessories are perfect for a sleepover.

It starts out like a pillow .. usually in two colors .. or you can just order it in one ..

Then you unfold the pillow and you have a blanket ready to cover yourself up. The pocket where the blanket folds into to make the pillow works great as a warm place to put your feet when you are using the blanket as a lap blanket.

These are handy little creations .. just a sweet $5.00 for small or $8.00 for the larger blankets.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Auntie G .. Granny Squares!!

Auntie G .. is into granny squares right now .. she is doing some cute items with these crochet squares ..

First off we have cute hats .. now the best part of these hats is you can order them in any color you wish .. $2.00 Hats!!

Just let us know what colors you would like them in and they will be ready quite fast to be sent out to you ..

Now if you want more than just a hat she is also making these cute poncho's to match the hats as well .. $10.00 Hat Poncho!!

The neck has a draw string tightening with ruffle neck line .. very cute and perfect for a dressy way to keep your girls warm ..

And for another addition we have a cute little bag created out of the squares as well .. $1.50 Bag!!

All of these are by Auynti G and she will make to order colors you desire .. just let us know what you would like ..

The Crazy Doll Ladies!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

~~Winner 20th Follower Drawing!!~~

Woo Hoo .. we reached 20 Followers and so everyones name went in the cup and the winner for the 20th follower of the store blog is:

Wendy - Wendy's Life!!

Congratulations Wendy .. YEAH for You!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Store Wide Sale!!

It is coming on "INVENTORY" time .. as I prepare for the Christmas season .. I want to get rid of as much as I can of this stuff that I would normally have to count and figure up .. so PLEASE .. check out the store and get rid of some of this stuff for me .. and pay a great lower price ..

Look for KEWL new High Top .. Chucks .. Cons .. Whatever you call them .. New colors coming for the Christmas season ..

Also new Buckle boots coming too .. KEWL hu??

Friday, August 27, 2010

Rain Gear for Your Girls!!

Cute rain gear in store now .. ask about colors available as I have many colors that I can order to sell in the store as well .. these are just the ones that I have purchased and listed so far .. either on ebay or my online store ..

Pinks .. .. ..

Reds .. .. ..

Purple/White .. the purple boots and umbrella did not match so we did white ..

I love these raincoats on the girls .. they are so adorable
and have fun play value.


I will be selling them instore as groups and as single pieces too .. just ask about the colors you would like to have .. I get these wholesale so I can sell them a lot cheaper ..

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Boots Everywhere .. More and More Boots!!

Today we are going to talk about our boots .. they are the same brand .. most likely from the same wholesale place as I have not seen them anywhere else .. but Liberty Jane charges much more for the boots .. do not get me wrong .. I love the Liberty Jane stuff .. I just hate to see everyone paying that much for doll shoes .. so we have some of these boots for sale in our store .. and can order more in if someone needs them ..

First the beautiful new velvety snow boots that Silverton has new this season .. three different types of pink snow boots ..

Then a neat green and a cool purple set off the new line of boots ..

Next we have some 'KEWL' fun boots .. These first two pair I call the FBI boots .. because they look like a lot of the boots they wear in movies .. they come in brown and black .. LOL!!

I think I have covered the next set of boots before .. but they are one of my all time favorite boots and are great for outings looking kewl or for hunting and fishing or hiking .. green camo boots ..

Next any pirate or biker needs a pair of buckle boots .. they are the black leather like boots with buckles making them an all around fun pair of boots ..

We have a mix of boots from the silverton site that you can ask about or look in the store .. we have a few in stock and can order for a smaller price if you have anything you would want ..

White or Black Chains and Stars!!

Denim Cut Off Frayed Edge!!

Black and Red High Boots!!

Cowgirl Boots Galore!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Leggings .. Old Leggings .. Undies!!

Here we got in some new leggings and fun for the girls .. first off we have new leggings made out of spandex style material .. from one of our favorite stores .. .. ..

Pink with White and Black Dots!!

Blue and Green Mixed Stripes!!

Lime Green and Pink Stripes!!

Next we have the lacey leggings .. these are perfect for under a dress or skirt when you are wanting a little color but still dressy .. we have black .. white .. pink .. for you ..

Another favorite set around here are the .. colored knit leggings .. we have several colors available .. aqua .. pink .. white .. black .. lavender .. all with little crochet lace on bottoms of legs ..

These are so cute and work great for your girls outings and fun ..