Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Wholesale Dresses!!

We have found a couple neat new wholesale suppliers to purchase outfits from as we are having trouble keeping homemade items in the store. These wholesale dresses are wonderfully made, and so cute. We have been impressed with them.

Here are some of the summer outfits .. fun cute dresses, and skirts.
And some cute and some historical dresses. Beautiful outfits for your girls to look their best in.

Ribbon Madness!!

Thank you for checking out the new blog .. we found the neatest styles of ribbon yarns and have started using them in a bunch of different ways. My total favorites are the overall outfits, whether it is an 'overhaul' dress, top, or shorts outfit, it is so cute with the little overall snaps and different style bottoms.

This yarn though beautiful is not that easy to get ahold of for a good price. It sure does make for some very cute outfits. There are several different patterns that I have created. Since there are not a lot of crochet patterns for 18 inch dolls, I have had to pretty much create all of my items this way from scratch.

I have done small tops, haltertops, and shrug style cover ups for shorts outfits this summer. Once you get used to it, then it is not so hard to work wtih. And the end product is well worth the time it takes.

The Crazy Doll Lady