Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ice-Skating Outfits & Preformance Sets!!

When winter comes back to haunt us again, we have lots of cute Ice-Skate outfits to share the fun on the ice. Enjoy your time out on a pond or in the skating rink.

Skate Outfits Only $8.00

For those who already skate, we have outfits without skates. You will receive the ice-skate outfit and a matching hairband.

Skate Outfits With Skates $12.00
The next set are the outfits with skates, hit the ice with outfits and coordinating skates. Have fun and enjoy looking like a star as you glide across the ice. These outfits can be sold without skates for the cheaper price. The set includes the skate outfits, matching hairband and coordinating ice-skates.

Skate Preformance Sets $20.00

The last set that I have for fun, is the preformance sets, take it to the top. Ice-Skate outfit, matching hairband, nude color nylons, coordinating skates, matching skate bag, silver trophy, and a boquet of flowers for the win.

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