Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The Crazy Doll Ladies Designs!!
Personally designed
Swimsuits, Tankini's, Cover Ups, & Sarongs!!

Click above to visit swimwear in the store.

I have normal Swimsuits that I can do in almost any color imaginable, most colors can be paired up with crocs/ducs if you want a set as well.
Swimsuits Alone = $6.00

Tankini Alone = $6.00
I can also mix colors as well .. and there are many accessories to get with the swimsuits or tankini's to make a fun summer sets.

Swimsuit/Tankini with Croc/Ducs $10.00

Swimsuits/Tankini with Cover Up = $10.00 Swimsuit/Tankini with Sarong = $10.00
Designing different color combo's is my favorite thing to do. I also have different sandals, jellie shoes, and items to choose from. Check out the store and see what you want, message me for personalized sets. If it is not available, I should be able to make it, just message me and see if I am able to do it for you.

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