Saturday, April 25, 2009

New High Top Sneakers!!

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I have found some really fun style high tops for the 18" girls of your world. These are the cutest sneakers and the best quality I have seen in forever. I have one plain color left & only a few of them.

First is the little skull & crossbone sneakers, these we have seen around a little bit, they are what started the whole thing. Then the new round skull high tops, and the cute little fun stars set as well.

Next we have some of my favorites, Tartan Plaids, Black & Red with a little white is the first left one, Red & Green is next with some other colors, Pink & Black is sooo cute for real, and last Blue & Brown, very soft calm colors.
Camouflage is the next cute sets, Blue & Brown .. Green .. and Red, Brown & Black.

Then we have some really fun prints, Monkey's are the first shoes of the set, they are very cute detailed, next are the leopard print, soft and beautiful colors, then hearts that have little black lacey wings on them, and last the cute little cherry sneakers.
Last is a few soft color patterns, Orange Check, Pink Check, and some pink X & O with Cross & Hearts in them. Very adorable patterns for all of us.

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