Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Wholesale Dresses!!

We have found a couple neat new wholesale suppliers to purchase outfits from as we are having trouble keeping homemade items in the store. These wholesale dresses are wonderfully made, and so cute. We have been impressed with them.

Here are some of the summer outfits .. fun cute dresses, and skirts.
And some cute and some historical dresses. Beautiful outfits for your girls to look their best in.

Ribbon Madness!!

Thank you for checking out the new blog .. we found the neatest styles of ribbon yarns and have started using them in a bunch of different ways. My total favorites are the overall outfits, whether it is an 'overhaul' dress, top, or shorts outfit, it is so cute with the little overall snaps and different style bottoms.

This yarn though beautiful is not that easy to get ahold of for a good price. It sure does make for some very cute outfits. There are several different patterns that I have created. Since there are not a lot of crochet patterns for 18 inch dolls, I have had to pretty much create all of my items this way from scratch.

I have done small tops, haltertops, and shrug style cover ups for shorts outfits this summer. Once you get used to it, then it is not so hard to work wtih. And the end product is well worth the time it takes.

The Crazy Doll Lady

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ice-Skating Outfits & Preformance Sets!!

When winter comes back to haunt us again, we have lots of cute Ice-Skate outfits to share the fun on the ice. Enjoy your time out on a pond or in the skating rink.

Skate Outfits Only $8.00

For those who already skate, we have outfits without skates. You will receive the ice-skate outfit and a matching hairband.

Skate Outfits With Skates $12.00
The next set are the outfits with skates, hit the ice with outfits and coordinating skates. Have fun and enjoy looking like a star as you glide across the ice. These outfits can be sold without skates for the cheaper price. The set includes the skate outfits, matching hairband and coordinating ice-skates.

Skate Preformance Sets $20.00

The last set that I have for fun, is the preformance sets, take it to the top. Ice-Skate outfit, matching hairband, nude color nylons, coordinating skates, matching skate bag, silver trophy, and a boquet of flowers for the win.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

New High Top Sneakers!!

Click Above To Visit High Tops In Store .. .. ..

I have found some really fun style high tops for the 18" girls of your world. These are the cutest sneakers and the best quality I have seen in forever. I have one plain color left & only a few of them.

First is the little skull & crossbone sneakers, these we have seen around a little bit, they are what started the whole thing. Then the new round skull high tops, and the cute little fun stars set as well.

Next we have some of my favorites, Tartan Plaids, Black & Red with a little white is the first left one, Red & Green is next with some other colors, Pink & Black is sooo cute for real, and last Blue & Brown, very soft calm colors.
Camouflage is the next cute sets, Blue & Brown .. Green .. and Red, Brown & Black.

Then we have some really fun prints, Monkey's are the first shoes of the set, they are very cute detailed, next are the leopard print, soft and beautiful colors, then hearts that have little black lacey wings on them, and last the cute little cherry sneakers.
Last is a few soft color patterns, Orange Check, Pink Check, and some pink X & O with Cross & Hearts in them. Very adorable patterns for all of us.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Click above to see the underthings available .. .. ..
Cute little undies for your girl, no more bare bum under those dresses or jeans, help her feel clothed and covered.
Undies: $2.00

Then we have a cute little slip, perfect for under dresses or skirt outfits that are a little to see through. Or a cute Josefina style under things an outfit ready to be worn under her dresses.

Slip: $4.00
Alamo Style Underthings: $5.00 And last but not least, cute little tank tops with matching undies, adorable matching sets for your girl to be kewl and happy.

Pink & Blue Undies Sets $4.00
Butterfly Blue Undies Set $5.00

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The Crazy Doll Ladies Designs!!
Personally designed
Swimsuits, Tankini's, Cover Ups, & Sarongs!!

Click above to visit swimwear in the store.

I have normal Swimsuits that I can do in almost any color imaginable, most colors can be paired up with crocs/ducs if you want a set as well.
Swimsuits Alone = $6.00

Tankini Alone = $6.00
I can also mix colors as well .. and there are many accessories to get with the swimsuits or tankini's to make a fun summer sets.

Swimsuit/Tankini with Croc/Ducs $10.00

Swimsuits/Tankini with Cover Up = $10.00 Swimsuit/Tankini with Sarong = $10.00
Designing different color combo's is my favorite thing to do. I also have different sandals, jellie shoes, and items to choose from. Check out the store and see what you want, message me for personalized sets. If it is not available, I should be able to make it, just message me and see if I am able to do it for you.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


We have Crocs .. or .. Ducs ..
which ever you want to call them.
A Rainbow of Colors & More!!

Click above to see Croc/Ducs in store.





Light Green


Light Blue




Light Pink



These have been the most impressive quality I have seen. If you love crocs/ducs or have a girl who wears them all the time, a matching pair for a doll is perfect. They are in my store for $5.00 a pair, they ship out $4.95 priority, if you buy more than one pair, however many fit in the priority envelope will be the same $4.95, I can normally get 8 pair in an envelope. Or a couple crocs/ducs with some outfits. All fitting in the envelope is just the $4.95.

You should love these wonderful shoes and have great fun with a bunch of different outfits for spring and summer.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Tool Box and 6 Piece Set of Tools!!

This is Kailyee, we found these little tools a few months back, and then found our tool box. Auynti Mama decided we needed these in the store. They are soooo neat, we love ours and love to work around the farm with them.

Auynti loves to find kewl little things to list in the store and is going to have lots more little fun items as the summer comes in. The tool box is a real craftsman brand and a bright red like the real tool chests. It is a very cute little set and a lot of fun.